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a non-profit organization caring for the health of our children

We are presently in the middle of the most fearful, first non-infectious Epidemic in the history of the United States; Obesity.

Unfortunately, Our Children ages 6 to 19 have become the primary target among all demographic groups which are victims of this Epidemic . More than 30 % of all Our Children are now considered Overweight, of these half are considered Obese.

Behind these cold statistics, a cruel future awaits these human beings in terms of adversity to their health, thus threatening the span and quality of their lives. A recent (2005) New England Journal of Medicine article reported that children being born today are the first generation of young Americans to have a shorter lifespan-expectancy than their parents or grandfathers.They face enormous health challenges brought on by poor nutrition and deficient physical activity

Because of Obesity, they are victims of Diabetes (Type 2), Cardiovascular Diseases, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, and Osteoarthritis among other serious health conditions.

On top of all these adverse health situations, our obese Children are innocent daily victims of cruel social discrimination and rejection, which leads them into low self-esteem and depression.

It's time NOW to stop the suffering of our overweight children. We, as responsible parents and as concerned members of our community, must take immediate, diligent, and militant action in educating, coaching, and supporting our children face and defeat the terrible and powerful enemy of obesity.

In agreement with the American Obesity Association, we understand that implementing prevention programs-and educating parents on a better understanding of treatment for youngsters - is important to controlling the Obesity epidemic.

It is, therefore, the mission-purpose of our Florida-chartered, non-profit organization-The Coalition To Defeat Childhood Obesity, Inc.-to collaborate with our nutrition-educational and counseling free-of-charge services to parents; as well as with our "Free Health Screenings and Entertainment for Kids"-Fairs, in addition to our printed and broadcast media efforts, in order to assist this upmost deserving cause. Let us work together towards achieving "Mens Sans in Corpore Sano" (Healthy Mind in Healthy Body) for our children.


Dr. Augusto Agostini

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